Meet Barbie – the Journeyling Artist

Barbie enjoying a delicious Malaysian dish and sugarcane juice from a local Singaporean hawker (a food court) in Singapore’s busy Chinatown.

Barbie Chapman, is the the founder and curator of Journeyling Artist, a travel blog inspired by her passion for travel and photography.  Her blog is a space that inspires you to travel, even if it’s right in your own city. She helps people who want to travel on a budget, with anxiety, adventure solo, or simply want try a new restaurant in their city. So, stay awhile and journey through the inspirational art of travel. 

Journeyling is a pun that combines the spelling, sound, and meaning of the word journey and the verb to journal. The definition of journeyling is: To view one’s life as a journal to capture memories and moments as entries so that one may reflect on their lived experiences along the journey of life. The journey of life is simply pages that allow the artist to see how life itself is a masterpiece. #journeyling

Journeyling Adventures

November 2018 | Toronto, Canada

July 2018 | Santa Barbara, CA

June 2018 | Carpinteria, CA

June 2018 | Chicago, IL

May 2018 | Plymouth, MA

May 2018 | Chicago, IL

April 2018  | Marblehead, MA

April 2018  | Houston, TX

March 2018 | San Diego, CA

March 2018 | Washington, D.C.

January 2018 | Bermuda

‘Falling for Attention’



On January 24th, 2018, also my birthday, I did more than turn 28 years. I more so fell into it. I had an unfortunate accident that landed me in the ER with a painful dislocated shoulder injury. Now, I have a 3-month recovery for full shoulder motion so I can resume my normal day-to-day activities.

One week ago, I didn’t know I would be severely injured. I also didn’t realize this would be the biggest blessing in disguise. Long story short, I began living on autopilot, and stopped living with my ear inclined to the faint whisper of wisdom and the gentle nudge of intuition.

We call it busyness, but it’s simply distraction that numbs are senses and awareness.

I was so caught up in the web of distraction, I became numb to the voice inside telling me to slow down and quiet my heart in the midst of life’s fast-paced day to day moments. I slipped into reality with a dislocated shoulder, which was nothing more than a sign that when we move to quickly our mind relocates to a place outside of the moment. When this happens, we put ourselves at risk of experiencing unexpected pain.

One week ago, my dislocation woke me up to the fact that when we are not present in life, whatever we show up to whether it’s giving back or serving others, if your mind isn’t there well the whole purpose is completely and sadly missed. My injury has taught me that being present mentally and emotionally is more important than the physical. My injury has woken me up to a life that should be lived one moment at a time. Thanks to my best friend and travel buddy, Yoli, I was reminded that there is no rush on our journey through life. Sometimes it takes a literal fall to bring us back to our senses and greater self-awareness so that our presence can be felt fully and experienced.

January 2018 | Orlando and Fort Lauderdale

‘Fearless Love: Honoring the Life of my Friend’s Father’



January 2018 | New York City  

‘New Years Eve In the Bucket’

Started my new year right in New York City at Chevy’s in Time Square with my best friend. It’s always a nice getaway to the NYC for the weekend. If you’ve ever thought about doing NYE in New York City, I highly recommend it. While I was not at the ball drop, I was still in the epicenter of the NYE action, energy, and excitement. It’s been checked off my 2017 bucket list! Speaking of a bucket list…do you have one? If not, create one today and watch your dreams turn into reality.

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September 2017 | Chicago


‘How the death of my grandmother, Barbara, brought life and closure to my family’s severed ties and lies.’


August 2017 | Martha’s Vineyard

‘A Vacation From a Vacation’ 


August 2017 | London

‘An American Girl in Britain’


August 2017 | Paris

‘Eiffel for the Illusion’ 


Read my story about me losing my SLR camera in the Parisian Siene River on my  European solo backpacking trip. 

Eiffel for the Illusion | Paris Day 1

April 2017 | Cuba

‘Havana Good Time’


Check out pictures from my spring trip to Cuba with my travel besties Yoli and Maria!

Cuba: A Glimpse of the 1950’s Culture, Style, and Mannerisms”

*(Photography shot with: Canon EOS Rebel T2i)

August 2016 | Los Angeles, California

‘Friends Take Friends to the Beach’


August 2016 | Turo Feature 

Afraid to travel solo?

Read how Barbie’s passion for traveling helped her friend overcome the fear of solo travel!

Friends Take Friends to the Beach

by Kamala Pulingandla

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October 2014 | Singapore

‘Finding Love and Food in Southeast Asia’ 


September 2014 | Osaka 

Searching for the Pilgrimage Road – My journey to Japan to meet my family for the first time. 



September 2014 | Kyoto

‘Lost and Cycling’


Quote of the Moment:

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.”

— Tim Cahill